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Brandon Strack

Studio Director / Director of Photography

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Brandon truly came into his own after moving to Tokyo, and feeding off its never-ending energy. He has created and directed inspiring content for global brands and artists seen by audiences around the world. With a primary background in post-production processes in editing, compositing and color correction, his passion for cinematography is clear and obvious in his compositionally beautiful images, executed with a high level technical excellence.

Despite that know-how and his familiarity with all mainstream cinematic camera platforms, Brandon always remains curious about new technologies and DIY solutions, especially in making use of different drone platforms and robotic solutions that move the camera in an interesting ways for the most ideal and appropriate shot.

In addition, Brandon has also always pursued his passion for motion graphics and CG, creating everything from original content as a visual artist (and VJ) and visual content for tour packages for music artists, but also practically supporting the visual content projects that he takes part in with on-screen graphics.

Brandon Strack

Recent work.

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