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Toryo Ito Meditation





After training at the Kenninji School of Zen Buddhism, Toryo Ito has been teaching zazen meditaiton at Ryotokuin for 15 years. He has continued to experiment with art, transcending the boundaries between disciplines and connecting the contemporary and the traditional. His international activities include holding Zen seminars at Facebook headquarters in the U.S. and teaching Zen in France, Germany, and Denmark.

In April 2020, he released "Unze," a global meditation community, and in July 2020, "InTrip," an application for incorporating Zen into daily life. He has been a "Well being Mentor" for several overseas companies and an executive coaching for several domestic companies. He has also supervised numerous hotel space designs, apparel brands, and mobility. Author of "Monday Meditation: A New Habit at the Beginning of the Week to Lighten Your Head and Heart


Producer: Adrian Grey
Director: Adrian Grey
Camera: Mami Morisaki, Brandon Strack
Editor: Shoichi Hanaue

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