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LSR-05 Promo


THK / Taira



THK in partnership with SNDP developed and produced a concept car showcasing THK's new motion technoloy and components. SET filmed the design model at TOHO's volume studios, and filmed the on-road working vehicle for the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show booth.


Producer/Agency: Shawn Albert
Producer: Adrian Grey
Director: Artem Skiy
DP: Brandon Strack

JARI Track Shoot
1st AC: Rilo Carpiolo
Drone Pilot: Steve Gaudin
Grip: Matt Kingery
Gaffer: Riki Tsuchiura
Camera Car: G'Motion
Driver: Ishigaki Takahiro

TOHO Studios
1st AD: Sarah Sanui
1st AC: Ryoma Yoshimura
2nd AC: dasdok
Grip: NKL
Gaffer: Arata Ichiji
DIT: Matt Kingery

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