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Z8 Launch Content





Discover the fascinating world of Nikon's new Z8 camera through the eyes of six talented creators from diverse corners of the globe. From their first impressions to invaluable tips and insights, join us as we delve into their camera bags and uncover the secrets behind their stunning video content. Get ready to be inspired by their creativity and gain a fresh perspective on capturing breathtaking visuals.


Agency: K&L
Producer: Adrian Grey
Director/DP: Ivan Kovac
2nd Camera: Chris Sheppard, Takeshi Fukushima
AC: Federico Settimelli @tokaipro
Editor: Aya Watanabe, Waku Shoji, Emma Sundin
Color: Michelle Madden, Brandon Strack, Tom Slemmons, Ben Parrot

Ivan BTS
Director: Tom Slemmons
DP: Brandon Strack

Sound: (Spider) Skirmantas Ivanauskas @spider_location_sound
Editor: Emma Sundin
Color: Michelle Madden, Brandon Strack

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