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Sense 2 TVCM


Fitbit (Google)



Japanese TVC for Fitbit's Sense 2 watch featuring drummer Murata Tamu. Achieving good health is more than just being in great physical shape, it's a combination of maintaining an active lifestyle, eating well and taking care of your mental health. The Fitbit Sense 2 can detect when you're feeling stress and help you get back to feeling your best through moving your body whatever way makes you feel happy. Exercise doesn't have to happen with dumbells and a bench press, just move your body and do what you love, whether it be going for a jog, playing with your kids or rocking out on your drumset. In this 30-second TVC drummer Murata Tamu reenacts how the daily stressors in life can feel like they are trapping you. She finds her relief doing what she loves, playing drums.


Starring: Murata Tamu  

Director: Tom Slemmons

Producer: Adrian Grey

Client Services: Dominic Byrnes

Creative Director: Joao Mendonça 

Creative assistance: Artem Skiy 

DP: Brandon Strack

1st AC: Federico Settimelli @tokaipro 

2nd AC: Andrew Smith 

Lighting: Chikara “Riki” Tsuchiya 

Lighting Assistants: Yoshiki Toyama, Hikaru Ijichi, Yasunari Ushio, Reiji Inoue (DMX) 

Sound: Jeffery Jousan @jeffrey_jousan 

Product Handler: Madeline McKinney @tokyophotogirl 

Wardrobe: Agnes Nata @_agnesnata 

Makeup: Kyoko Soya @kyokoskings 

Stress imagery: Gael Delhaye @gaeldelhaye 

Animation: Iwamoto RGB 

Driver: Takahiro Ishigaki

Photographer: Gui Martinez @guimartinez 

Photography assistant: Francis Sahara @francissahara 

Production Coordinator: Matthew Kingery, Shoichi Hanaue 

DIT and Live: Alexis Wuillaume @alexis_wuillaume 

Editor: Shane Lester @shanelester 

Sound Mix: Seiji Champollion @seijichampollion 

Color: Max Golomidov @maxgolomidov_colorist_dp_works

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