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How Do We Answer That Voice?


BellSystem24 x AKQA



BellSystem24 and AKQA developed new branding and corporate messageing, but wanted a way to communicate it to their employees and to the genereal public. SET was asked to help with the production of a short narrative parodying inside out, trying to show the more human approach that the company wants to show that it approaches its client calls with.


Agency: AKQA
Producer: Mina Miyamoto
Creative Director: Yohei Adachi
Copywriter / Script Supervisor: Hiroyuki Fukuda
Production Manager: Lydia Zhou
Producer: Adrian Grey
Production Coordiantor: Mutz Ishikaza, Riho Hayashi
Director: Artem Skiy
AD: Tom Slemmons
DP: Brandon Strack
AC: Ryoma Yoshimura
2nd AC: Kotaro Suzuki
Gaffer: Riki Tsuchiura
DIT: Waku Shoji
Art Director: Yuji Kuramochi
Studio Manager: Bryan Burton Lewis
Casting Coordiator: Shoichi Hanaue
Swing: Matt Kingery
Driver: Takahiro Ishigaki

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