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Water Reuse in India – A Water Crisis or an Opportunity





Toray's membrane technology is at the leading edge of water re-use projects around the world. Not only have their membranes proved themselves reliable and safe, they are a key component to improving water safety and even reducing carbon and water requirements for communities to recycle and reuse water. Toray strives to be on the leading edge of ensuing clean and safe natural resources everywhere.


Executive Producer: Adrian Grey

Creative Direction / Direction: Nick Dwyer, Adrian Grey
DP: Brandon Strack
Sound: Jeffery Jousan
Gaffer: Vince Paul
Editor: Emma Sundin
Motion Graphics: Michelle Weiss
Color: Michelle Madden
Sound Design: Devin Abrams @pacificheightsnz

India Crew:
Chennai Fixer: Reshma Saira
AC/2nd Camera: Shajeer Basheer
Sound: Raghav Ramesh
PA: Keya Pothen
HMU: Meera Suresh

Pali Fixer: Ashish Bora
Sound: Sahishnu Tongaonkar
AC: Tahir Ashraf
2nd Camera: Shailendra Singh
Gaffer: Kamal Saini

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