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Shawn Albert

Account Manager

Shawn is the driving catalyst behind the cosmic revolution in Neo-Tokyo. With a career spanning over 25 light years, Shawn has led interstellar branding missions that defy imagination. From shaping corporate identities to promoting renowned brands like Galactic Gear, Celestial Sushi, and Quantum Motors, Shawn is the go-to expert for your enterprises.

In the vast digital expanse, Shawn isn't just riding trends; he's surfing gravitational waves, skillfully probing websites in otherworldly languages, and optimizing user experiences through cutting-edge interfaces. Imagine mind-reading software and an aura of extraterrestrial brilliance.

Drawing from an interdimensional background, Shawn isn't merely breaking cultural barriers; he's constructing warp drives for the marketing galaxy, fostering unity through brand collaborations. It's as though Shawn serves as a harmonious bridge between the Intergalactic Federation and the Interdimensional Council.

Shawn also provides client services and project management for SET K.K. and runs sister company Street Attack Japan K.K.

Shawn Albert

Recent work.

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