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Rosie Hubbard

Production Assistant

Born and raised in London in the UK, Rosie finds her strengths in creative and linguistic pursuits. She gained a first class degree in film studies and a BA in Japanese at the University of Leeds, and specialised in the translation of feminist Japanese literature into English. Amidst her studies Rosie attended Osaka University with a JASSO scholarship, where she completed the Maple program in Japanese language. Currently Rosie uses her linguistic skills to run a successful social media account on the topic of Japanese studies, and to contribute to SET's projects such as those with Nikon, Google Fitbit, Kammui and JR Tokai.

In addition, Rosie practices various creative pursuits including portraiture using oils and acrylic paints, rug making and, more recently, hand-drawn 2D animation. She supports the SET team through creation storyboards and project proposal decks.

Rosie Hubbard

Recent work.

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