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Dominic Byrnes

Creative Planner

A New Zealand national, Dom has extensive global experience in creative, digital, and marketing - from nascent desktop publishing in late 80's Sydney, to early digital design and coding (late 90s - early 00s in London, Auckland, Atlanta), to advertising and digital marketing in Auckland and more recently, Tokyo. Inbetween those milestones are a number of independent ventures in digital production and publishing.

His eldest daughter leads digital marketing for a prominent NZ startup with a hands-on approach, indicating the apple didn’t fall far from the tree (though she strenuously denies it). His younger daughter is a high school senior. He believes they will both prove to be his most significant contribution, by far, to the world. Dom is also a tragic rugby fan and ex-coach, enjoys creative writing, and life in one of the world's great capitals.

Dominic Byrnes

Recent work.

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