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The Yakult Lady


Yakult EU x MikeTeeVee



The Yakult Ladies are well-known in Japan. Part of the community fabric, they often play important social roles. SET filmed this for Yakult Europe in 2018, with its strong storytelling still catching the attention of new viewers.


Agency: MikeTeeVee
Japan Producer: Adrian Grey
PA: Tom Slemmons
AC: Gen Ito
2nd AC Moe Ariizumi
AD: Ichi Watanabe
Location Coord: Shoichi Hanaue
Tech/DIT: Brandon Strack
Art Director: Andy
Soundman: Jeffrey Jousan
Art Director: Yasshie
Gaffer: Vince Paul
Make-up: Aiko Enomoto
Stylist: Marin
Grip: Kevin Salehpour
Driver: Ishigaki
PM: Tatsuya Yamada
Driver: Mike Watanabe

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