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Suica on Fitbit





A quick and simple execution highlighting Fitbit's new integration with JR East's SUICA prepaid e-money and travel card. The promo shows Fitbit users smoothly navigating their day without the inconvenient search for commute tickets, wallets and coins.


Producer: Adrian Grey
Assistant Producer: Kaci Lewis
Directors: Tom Slemmons & Artem Skiy
DP: Brandon Strack
Stedicam: Chris Sheppard
First AC: Gaetano Nono Campolongo
Lighting Chief: Riki Tsuchiya
Art Department & Talent Management: Stephanie Warner
Talent Management: Hinako Inoue
HMU: Janeth Leyva
Make-Up Assistant: Anne
Remote Viewing Assistant: Alexis Wuillaume
Production Assistant: Madeline Kinney
Production Assistant: Shinya Suzuki
Driver: Takahiro Ishigaki

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