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San Diego's Water Reuse Revolution





Many people choose to move to beautiful San Diego and a significant reason is because the weather is so sunny! Which also means it’s dry, making reliable water provision for the growing population a significant priority. To address this, the City of San Diego turned to Toray Membrane USA, whose water reuse technologies secure long term - and environmentally safe - clean water supply.
SET traveled to the USA to tell the story of how Toray’s work became a significant contributor to San Diego’s Water Reuse Revolution.


Creative Direction / Direction: Nick Dwyer, Adrian Grey
DP: Brandon Strack
Gaffer: Vince Paul
AC/2nd Cam (US): James Okubo
Soundman (US):
Editor: Waku Shoji, Emma Sundin
Motion Graphics: Michelle Weiss
Color: Michelle Madden
Sound Design: Devin Abrams @pacificheightsnz
Sound Mix: Matt Lyne

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