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Girls of Sport





Girls of Sport: A short film directed by Marek Okon to  support the launch of Naomi Osaka’s Play Academy, whose mission is to help change girls’ lives through play and sport.  

Today’s generation of kids are the least active in history, and girls are twice as likely to drop out of sports compared to boys. What’s worse is girls between the ages of 6 to 15 are 20% less likely to participate in sports because there is a lack of opportunities to match their interests, continuous discouragement for reasons such as girls need to be soft and cute, and fewer female coaches to serve as roles models. The film is driven by raw and revealing interviews with the girls that face these challenges on a daily basis.


Senior Brand Director, Global - Jean Gordon
Global Brand Director, Global - Kyna Williams
Brand Marketing Manager, Global - Kate Incerto
Director, Asia Pacific - Miki Morimoto
Project Manager, Asia Pacific - Hiroshi Fujita

Producer: Adrian Grey
Creative Director: Marek Okon
Director of Photography: Brandon Strack
Senior Editor: Tom Slemmons
Assistant Director & Interviewer: Marina Taylor
Creative Writer: Yutaka Tsujino  
Second Camera / AC: Alexis Wuillaume
Colorist: Ben Conkey
Music Composer: Left/Right
Audio Mastering: Ippei Takazawa
Hisato Orihashi
Assistant Producer: Tatsuya Yamada
Production Lead: Brian Burton-lewis
Researcher / Assistant Production Coordinator: Stephanie Warner
Production Assistant: Shoichi Hanaue, Hinako Inoue, Brooklyn Vander Wel

Gaffer: Yosuke Shimada
Gaffer Assistant: Riki Tsuchiya, Akiyoshi Irio
Soundman: Jeffrey Jousan, Edan Mason
Hair & Make-up Artist: Janeth Aragon
Driver: Takahiro Ishigaki, Ryoma SuzukI

Lillia Ben Yousef
Ann Ito
Nayu Yonezawa
Shailee Godsey
Kanna Kawai
Anri Kawai

Voice Over Talent: Konon Notoya
YouTube Talent: Yuinya (Okosoama Plate), Yumi Nakano, Asaginyo

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