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Exclusive Expeditions: Tottori


Kansai Tourism



The Beauty Of Porcelain at Ishitani Residence Featuring Akihiro Maeta One of the most remote regions in all of Japan, Tottori has the lowest population of any prefecture in the country. Akihiro Maeta is one of many Japanese artists that find the tranquility and slow pace of Tottori the ideal place to create his works. Working with pure white porcelain his works is highly regarded around the world and in 2013 he was recognized as a Living National Treasure. The pure white of Maeta’s works reveal subtle complexities when exhibited in soft natural light. One of Maeta’s favorite places to display his work is the Ishitani Residence. Located in Chizu,Tottori, it’s a sprawling complex of buildings and gardens that embodies Japanese architectural aesthetics.


Chikyu-No-Arukikata: Yamazaki Hiroyuki, Handa, Sho
Kansai Tourism: Kuwahara Carlos, Takuwa

Producer: Adrian Grey
Associate Producer: Paula Berwanger
Creative Director: Tom Slemmons
Research and writing: Nick Dwyer
Post Production Supervisor: Brandon Strack
Translation: Kaci Lewis, Tony Nakajima, Yoko Hanai, Hinako Inoue

Director: Tom Slemmons
DOP: Brandon Strack
AC: Shoichi Hanaue
Sound: Steve LeFeve
Editor: Tom Slemmons
VFX/Color: Brandon Strack

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