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Exclusive Expeditions: Osaka


Kansai Tourism



Noh Theatre Performed at Osaka Temmangu Shrine
Featuring Tomoyoshi Ueno & Tomohiko Ueno

One of the oldest theatrical arts in the world, “Noh” has been performed in Japan continuously since the 14th century. These performances are often based on tales with supernatural themes and are renowned for their use of iconic masks, intricate costumes and highly stylized movements.
Tomoyoshi Ueno is a Noh performer in the Choyo Kaikan theatre group, whose members have been collectively recognized as Intangible Cultural Property. They perform a section of the Noh play “Takasago” at Osaka Temmangu Shrine in the spectacular main hall.


Chikyu-No-Arukikata: Yamazaki Hiroyuki, Handa, Sho Kansai Tourism: Kuwahara Carlos, Takuwa Producer: Adrian Grey Associate Producer: Paula Berwanger Creative Director: Tom Slemmons Research and writing: Nick Dwyer Post Production Supervisor: Brandon Strack Translation: Kaci Lewis, Tony Nakajima, Yoko Hanai, Hinako Inoue Directed by: Santa Nakamura, Adrian Grey Camera: Ben Parrot, Chris Rudz Assistant editor: Akimu Hirano Color: Brandon Strack

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