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Emma Sundin

Senior Editor

In the heart of the icy north, beneath the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights, Emma came into the world in the chill of a February day in 1994. From the start, she harbored a longing for warmer climes that would eventually guide the course of her life. Growing up in Sweden, her fascination with storytelling led her to pursue her dreams in the world of film. After dedicating herself to the craft, she emerged from film school equipped with the skills of a Director and Video Editor. For four years, she immersed herself in the Swedish film scene, capturing narratives and weaving stories through the lens of the camera.

Yet the persistent call for warmth beckoned her across the globe and in the summer of 2018, Tokyo welcomed Emma into its vibrant embrace. In the heart of Tokyo, she ventured into the realm of live editing/switching, enrolling in a TV school to redefine her artistic journey. Here, amidst the neon lights and dynamic energy of the city, Emma discovered a profound passion for video editing; her skills evolving into an art form, advocating for authenticity and translating diverse ideas into captivating visual narratives. Whether through design or video, Emma became a storyteller, weaving tales that celebrate the distinctiveness of every person and artist she encounters.

Emma Sundin

Recent work.

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