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Artem Skiy


Meet Artem, a Canadian filmmaker of Russian birth. In Tokyo since 2009, Artem’s learning journey is a mix of trial and error, from self-education through to a stint at the Vancouver Film School for Visual Effects. His commercial filmmaking spans various categories, from fashion and beauty to sports, auto and beverage brands. While his visual signature to-date can be seen in the cinematic stylized lighting, set design and visual effects in larger-than-life scenes that characterize his work, he's also adding narrative filmmaking to his repetoire, to be experienced in upcoming projects. So stay tuned for more dynamic and compelling cinematic journeys!

Outside of filmmaking, Artem experiments with addressable LEDs and light art installations, showcased at music festivals across Canada and the US. He continues to improve his multi-lingual skills, recently reaching a Japanese milestone of 1000+ Kanji characters, while at home he whips up exceptional gourmet dishes - an artisan in everything he does.

Artem Skiy

Recent work.

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