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Fixing &
Production in Japan

       SET provides full film/video production services in Japan for international organizations and media houses. Our crew of Japanese and international bilingual operators is highly experienced with a portfolio of numerous domestic and international projects, both fully produced as well as line-produced. SET also has its own filming studio plus an in-house audio recording studio.

Shooting the city skyline
Crew on location
concept car in virtual studio

Operating in Japan can be challenging without understanding the particular processes to do business here. SET has been operating in Tokyo since 2008 so our own experience as well as our deep network means we can offer a wide range of world-class services and resources to help get your Japan-based project over the line smoothly.


Fixing services offered:

  • Language assistance - probably the most obvious service international teams require. We can offer assistance with language barriers by providing translation services for the production team.

  • Cultural understanding - we can offer insights into very particular Japanese customs, traditions, and cultural nuances, ensuring respectful and accurate representation in the content.

  • Locations - from identifying appropriate film locations aligning with script and director's vision, to securing them for shooting.

  • Access negotiations - dealing with local property owners or authorities for access to private or restricted locations.

  • Permits and Permissions - in Japan it can be difficult to navigate the processes to obtain these. We can get the necessary permits and permissions to film in specific locations, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

  • Local crew - our network provides the ability to secure superior local production operators, technicians, and support staff, based on the specific project needs. 

camera crane car
  • Local talent and extras - we can assist in casting and hiring local talent, including actors, extras, and specialists.

  • Logistics support - coordinating transportation, accommodation, catering and other logistical arrangements for the production team.

  • Local gear support - ensuring the rental of video and production equipment from local suppliers, ensuring specification matches technical requirements.

  • On-the-Spot Solutions - SET has experience in quickly gathering necessary resources to turn-around last-minute high level productions in Japan. With this ability, we can address unforeseen challenges or issues that may arise during the production, providing quick and effective solutions.

Let's Talk!

If all of this sounds great and like we can help with your next project, please contact us so we can talk about your specific needs.


Ninetytwo13 #607
9-2-13 Akasaka,  Minato-ku
Tokyo 107-0052


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