SET is a Tokyo-based creative production agency. Our team is diverse in background and experience, bringing an international aesthetic to the domestic market as well as putting Japanese brands in front of the world. From creative concept and development, all the way through to production and delivery, we're ready for your next project.

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Shiseido Hair Beauty 100th Anniversary × MIKITYPE | SUBLIMIC Limited WONDER SHIELD
Featured : Takuya Tabira Nature Guide in Yakushima | 田平拓也 屋久島ネイチャーガイド
Japan, The Gaming Giant: Can It Stay In The Game? | Japan's Comeback Game | CNA Documentary
Tetris Effect: Connected - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
The ALL-New 2022 INFINITI QX60. Conquer Life In Style.
Fitbit Sense、Suica対応になった健康スマートウォッチ 「15秒」
【私たちは、ゲームでつながる】ウメハラ vs. カフェ店員 - HyperX | WE'RE ALL GAMERS @Daigo the BeasTV
【私たちは、ゲームでつながる】Zelarl vs. おばあちゃん - HyperX | WE'RE ALL GAMERS @Zelarl【ゼラール】
【私たちは、ゲームでつながる】ボンちゃん vs. 不動産屋 - HyperX | WE'RE ALL GAMERS @プロゲーマーボンちゃんProgamer Bonchan
Fitbit Sense ストレス編 「15秒」
Africa moves to Blinky Bill [BBC x Emirates Airline] (dir. Nick Dwyer)
Fitbit Versa 2 TVCM
JNTO - Experience More Japan - Trailer
NIKE - Girls in Sports Japan (Take the Podium)
Kyoto Geihinkan Promo
The Yakult Lady
UD Trucks - UD Concept 202X
Explore the QX55’s Taillight with the Head of INFINITI Design
Learn About the QX55’s Personality with the Head of INFINITI Design
Shiseido Professional - Fuente Forte Beauty Spa (Instagram)
Shiseido Professional - Wonder Shield (Instagram) Brand Collection Film
Red Bull: Diggin In The Carts TRAILER
Kesennuma Promo


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