Panasonic has been working over the years to create not fully autonomous robots, but robotic augmentation for people so they can do their jobs better, safer and more efficiently. SET in partnership with Empire Entertainment, created a showcase video of the latest technology that has been brought to market in 2 areas. The first was in the area of elderly care facilities and new technology to help caregivers as well as give residents more freedom to move around. Then we took a look at factory workers that lift heavy equipment repetitively run the risk of injury.
SET shot on the underrated Panasonic GH4 on Zeiss glass with Atomos 4K SSD recorders to capture in the highest quality possibly while keeping our setup small and mobile. In a long awaited first, we utilized the new V-log color profile to give us greater flexibility in post and get the video a distinct look.
The video was first posted to Panasonic’s global YouTube channel and has since been picked up by mainstream digital media around the world.’