Freeze Ray is Panasonic’s latest technology collaboration with Facebook, to create offline storage that is both energy efficient as well as cost effective. Facebook is one of the world’s largest data accumulator with close to 1 billion users logging in and uploading 300 million photos every day. To manage backups of all this data is a daunting task, but Panasonic has created specialized servers that utilize BluRay discs that don’t require the massive amount of cooling and power to keep the written data safe.
To showcase the synergistic partnership, Empire Entertainment brought in SET to capture the servers in action along with key interviews with Panasonic management to showcase the technology. Additionally, SET also directed and created graphics to help explain many of the concepts and information about the servers. Given that this project is for Panasonic, SET once again used the very capable GH4 to capture high quality 4K video.

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