Brian Setzer of Stray Cats fame puts on a great show and his long history with the Lamoureux brothers at FogoLabs made them the go to for capturing his performance in Osaka, Japan. However, FogoLabs was in the unusual position of not being sure what to do since they did not yet have any local contacts or had even been to Japan before. FogoLabs put out a call, and SET answered to provide crewing and equipment to not only capture the gig visually, but also capture a full 48 channel audio recording of each mic used on the band (it sounds excessive, but Fogo wanted as much flexibility as possible to remix and engineer the music for final output).
SET utilized Sony FS7s for their amazing image quality and shooting flexibility, and created a full setup with genlocking and video feeds back to the video command center where the brothers could oversee all aspects of the shoot.
Expect to hear more when the final video gets released!