Jezabels – My Love Is My Disease (Music Video)


SET had the privilege to work with Shanghai-based Director, Jonathon Lim, on a music video for the Australian band ‘The Jezabels’.
Jonathon is also the co-founder of PUSH Media (http://www.pushmedia.co/), a production company also based in Shanghai. Jonathon was accompanied by DP, Scott Bass, who is a Creative Director at Ampisound (http://www.ampisound.com/), which is a parkour and freerunning production company.
With Scott Bass’s expertise, Jonathon set out to capture the two actors, Freerunner Yutaro and the world’s fastest runner on all fours, Kenichi Ito, running through Tokyo’s nighttime cityscape.
The video was shot with Sony’s a7s mkII on our Ronin-M with our new Celere HS lenses from German maker Hanse Inno Tech (albeit with some balancing help from cine-milled products). The incredibly sharp and beautiful images were shot on the 25mm and the 36mm, and the shoot was made easier due to the fact they weigh exactly the same and made rebalancing unnecessary. Also used was the, Sony FS7 to capture insert shots throughout the shoot and some high speed footage.
The video took about 3 days to shoot and was somewhat of a roller-coaster experience as guerrilla-style shoots tend to be, but in the end we managed to produce a unique music video that we are proud to have been a part of creating.


Panasonic Power Assist


Panasonic has been working over the years to create not fully autonomous robots, but robotic augmentation for people so they can do their jobs better, safer and more efficiently. SET in partnership with Empire Entertainment, created a showcase video of the latest technology that has been brought to market in 2 areas. The first was in the area of elderly care facilities and new technology to help caregivers as well as give residents more freedom to move around. Then we took a look at factory workers that lift heavy equipment repetitively run the risk of injury.
SET shot on the underrated Panasonic GH4 on Zeiss glass with Atomos 4K SSD recorders to capture in the highest quality possibly while keeping our setup small and mobile. In a long awaited first, we utilized the new V-log color profile to give us greater flexibility in post and get the video a distinct look.
The video was first posted to Panasonic’s global YouTube channel and has since been picked up by mainstream digital media around the world.






Brian Setzer’s Stray Cats Tour in Osaka


Brian Setzer of Stray Cats fame puts on a great show and his long history with the Lamoureux brothers at FogoLabs made them the go to for capturing his performance in Osaka, Japan. However, FogoLabs was in the unusual position of not being sure what to do since they did not yet have any local contacts or had even been to Japan before. FogoLabs put out a call, and SET answered to provide crewing and equipment to not only capture the gig visually, but also capture a full 48 channel audio recording of each mic used on the band (it sounds excessive, but Fogo wanted as much flexibility as possible to remix and engineer the music for final output).
SET utilized Sony FS7s for their amazing image quality and shooting flexibility, and created a full setup with genlocking and video feeds back to the video command center where the brothers could oversee all aspects of the shoot.
Expect to hear more when the final video gets released!


Panasonic x Facebook: Freeze Ray


Freeze Ray is Panasonic’s latest technology collaboration with Facebook, to create offline storage that is both energy efficient as well as cost effective. Facebook is one of the world’s largest data accumulator with close to 1 billion users logging in and uploading 300 million photos every day. To manage backups of all this data is a daunting task, but Panasonic has created specialized servers that utilize BluRay discs that don’t require the massive amount of cooling and power to keep the written data safe.
To showcase the synergistic partnership, Empire Entertainment brought in SET to capture the servers in action along with key interviews with Panasonic management to showcase the technology. Additionally, SET also directed and created graphics to help explain many of the concepts and information about the servers. Given that this project is for Panasonic, SET once again used the very capable GH4 to capture high quality 4K video.

See more here: http://panasonic.net/avc/archiver/freeze-ray/


Dragon76 x epic


TokyoDex was approached by the motion-graphics production company EPIC to produce a 6-meter mural in the meeting room of their new office in Akihabara, we found just the right artist to tackle this herculean task. Inspired by Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey, Dragon76 created a massive work of art that can only be described in one word: EPIC!
SET handled the production of the clip utilizing the Sony FS700 for slow motion and then GH4s and multiple GoPros to capture the artwork’s progression to completion.


Re:Birth 2015 The Aftermovie


The video for Re:Birth 2015 was a throw back to SET’s roots of producing high quality event recap videos, and this one set a new standard. Utilizing the incredible low light capability of the Sony a7s and combined with the amazing quality slow motion possible on the Sony FS700, SET was able to capture the incredible vibe and energy of the event held at the iconic Futtsu Misaki Park in Chiba, Japan. The SET team worked for 24 hours straight to capture shots of every act and stage to ensure that nothing was missed.


Nitro Circus in Japan!


Nitro Circus is an “action sport collective” headed up by Travis Pastrana, and features him and his friends traveling around the world riding dirtbikes, base jumping, and performing stunts. As a part of the event/stunt show “circus” that is put on in cities around the world, NBC Sports produces a TV show called “Crazy Train” that follows the crew around the globe to capture their experiences at the show as well as around the cities. SET’s partner, Outdoor Japan’s Gardner Robinson, was contacted to help with line production as well as setting up experiences for Travis and his friends to get a taste of Japan in between their shows in Osaka and Tokyo.


Red Bull Music Academy presents 1UP: Cart Diggers Live


After the conclusion of the Diggin in the Carts documentary, and the Red Bull Music Academy was fully underway, a special event was devised as a tribute to video game music. The Cart Diggers Live event recap video featured the infamous Manabu Namiki, a composer that has been making music for over 20 years with a focus on creating music for “bullet hell” arcade games. As well as Yuzo Koshiro, known for his work in Streets of Rage, and the equally talented Chip Tanaka who has been making music since 1980. The event itself featured Music Academy Attendees, Chip Tanaka and established artists, culminating in a final tribute by Oneohtrix Point Never to Manabu’s music.



Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014


A month long event starting in mid-October 2014, Red Bull Music Academy decided to set its next destination for Tokyo. The Academy explored and discovered the musical and artistic legacy of Tokyo over the course of 4 weeks with 2 terms. Coming to Asia for the first time, a hand-picked few of musical luminaries from around the world were invited and were equipped with the finest instruments. Musical inspirations were formed on a daily basis among teachers, mentors, and students. Unique events, installations and talk shows, you name it, every and any happenings around the studios, we captured it.


Nike Harajuku Flyknit Airmax and Lunar2 Window Display


For the Japan launch of Nike’s new AirMax shoes, Nike had a new store front display designed for its flagship Harajuku store, which featured a new large LED screen in additon to the shoes themselves. Since the display was a fully custom installation, Nike headquarters couldn’t provide Nike Japan with content for the screen besides some key images. Nike Japan came to SET to give the key images some life and animation to create an eyecatching and innovative display. Stay tuned for the next launch, Lunar2!

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